International Award

For a contract undertaken outside the UK. The International Award can be either a domestic, commercial or private contract, interior or exterior. (For maintenance element see categories 1P-1S.) Overseas maintenance schemes will be judged within the Maintenance Category. This is a paperwork submission only. No judging visits are undertaken.

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Ecoland planning and design corporation - PRINCIPAL AWard WINNER 2017

raycom infotech office park landscape renovation design (plaza b)

This project involved refurbishing an urban space in a mixed-use commercial and office park in the central district of Beijing. The design creates an urban space that not only serves many high-end corporations but also extends outward to provide inviting spaces for nearby downtown residents. It is ideally suited for hosting various outdoor public and private events.

By redefining the entrance space, the enhanced landscape renovation improves the identification of the entrance. It emphasises the main entrance of the office building while separating the flow of pedestrians and vehicular traffic to the office buildings and commercial shops. The redesign of the space around Lenovo Cottage refreshes the historic character of the site. The spirit of Lenovo’s “constant effort brings success” motto is creatively represented in a specially designed water fountain.

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Ecoland planning and design corporation

 Award WINNER 2017

landscape design for for headquarters office

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beijing tsinghua tongheng urban planning and design institute

AWard WINNER 2017

the landscape renovation of chaka salt lake


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beijing tsinghua tongheng urban planning and design institute

AWard WINNER 2017

bikini plaza design, xingcheng, china