Best Newcomer to BALI

Special Awards are discretionary and are selected by the adjudication panel from amongst the category Award Winners and can vary from year to year.

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A big part of the designer’s vision in setting out to design this garden was to truly create a connection between the inside and outside spaces, but as a garden distinct from a living room. The aim was to create a sense of being immersed in the garden even when seated inside. In setting out to achieve this, the designer deliberately set out not to follow the fashion of extending the inside out, but instead a separate space of nature that although it had a connection to the inside, its flow is complementary rather than continuous.

In so doing, whilst the two spaces coexist and connect, they offer a very distinct set of moods and, consequentially, emotional responses. The end result when you are seated inside the house and looking upon the garden is that it acts as a calming backdrop and picture, as distinct to when you sit in the garden, where you are immersed and escape the connection, and its confines, of what we call house, home and room. In this way the garden becomes a distinct, but complementary, separate space.