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A scheme which is overwhelmingly hard landscape construction e.g. paved surfaces, in both cost and extent (may include small soft elements) with a total construction cost including materials to fit within the following: 

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Manor Gardens is a peaceful hidden gem of a park in the seaside town of Bexhill. Some of the key features of this 2.6-acre park include a walled garden, rose garden, rhododendron collection, lawn and pond. Dense, colourful borders are filled with seasonal planting, providing bold and cheerful displays, particularly in summer. Contractor idverde has been responsible for the maintenance of Manor Gardens since November 2013.

The company employs one full-time gardener on-site to ensure the gardens are maintained to the contract specification. The gardener is supported by additional idverde contract staff as and when required. Typical tasks carried out include grass cutting, shrub and border maintenance, and hedge cutting. Manor Gardens is a venue for local events, which the idverde team is happy to support. The company works with event organisers to ensure that the gardens are well presented for each event and returned to the same condition afterwards — ensuring litter is cleared and working to minimise any wear and tear to the gardens.

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