Hard Landscaping Construction (Non-Domestic) Under £300,000

A scheme which is overwhelmingly hard landscape construction e.g. paved surfaces, in both cost and extent (may include small soft elements) with a total construction cost including materials to fit within the following: 

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Woodberry Down is a luxury development in north London, located on the banks of the New River and West Reservoir. Block 1 is the final phase, which completes the Kick Start Site 3 development and more than five years of works with In-Ex Landscapes. The architects were instructed to design a very high-specification landscape solution that would not only complement the development that sat within it but would showcase the knowledge and exacting standards the client has in regard to concept and finishes for landscape works.

The scheme comprises paved and pedestrian areas to accommodate walkways and communal areas for relaxation and socialising. Granite coping to raised planter walls and seating, timber decked courtyards, railings, podium vents and a fully automated irrigation scheme also feature. In-Ex Landscapes was given the task of taking the vision and making it a reality, its scope of works involved all bulk excavation, drainage, base and civil preparation, new services and ducting, all landscape finishes, lighting and irrigation