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Hard Landscaping Construction (Non-Domestic) Over £1.5m

A scheme which is overwhelmingly hard landscape construction e.g. paved surfaces, in both cost and extent (may include small soft elements) with a total construction cost including materials to fit within the following: 

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Maylim - PRINCIPAL AWard WINNER 2018

Rathbone Square

Built on land previously occupied by Royal Mail’s central delivery office, close to Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road in London’s popular shopping and theatre districts, Rathbone Square is one of Central London’s largest mixed-use developments in recent years and home to Facebook’s UK headquarters.

The 1800m2 publicly accessible podium garden, designed by Gustafson Porter + Bowman, lies at its heart. The landscaping works were carried out alongside ongoing building construction work and comprised the design development of two large water tables, the design of water channels and integration with the Canadian Picasso granite planters, reinforced concrete structures for raised planters, construction using Azul European granite paving, and retaining structures on different levels for planting and paving.

Climbing plants grown off site were installed on stainless steel trellis. With no storage available on site all materials were delivered on a just-in-time basis to off-loading areas.

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Endrick landscapes

 Award WINNER 2018

dargavel village, bishopton

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blakedown landscapes (SE)

AWard WINNER 2018

Queen’s square

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blakedown landscapes (se)

AWard WINNER 2018

natural history museum

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frosts landscape construction

AWard WINNER 2018

london wall place

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AWard WINNER 2018

knowsley safari park tiger trail