The River Garden

Rosemary Coldstream, Rosemary Coldstream Garden Design


Overview The River Garden is a modern courtyard garden in a dramatic setting. The client’s brief was to make the most of their location next to a small river. Four gradual changes of level help to enhance views across the water. The geometric design, with an emphasis on the horizontal, maximises the width of the garden and helps to frame the view. The lower terrace is reminiscent of a jetty, cantilevered over the water and wrapping around the tree. The curved seating allows for a late afternoon spot to sit and watch the world – and the local wildlife drift by.

Judges’ comments The narrow rear garden of this terraced property leads down to a river. The designer has created a very confident piece of design work that demonstrates she has visualised her design three dimensionally; spatial awareness is strongly in evidence. The plant selection is very good, particularly where it joins the wilder landscape, and the mass planting of ferns is also very successful. There is a good flow to the design and an intelligent use of levels. 

Client Mr and Mrs Chappin

Main contractor Folium Associates
Suppliers London Stone, Silva Timber, Light Ideas

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