Canary Wharf Crossrail Station, London, E14

Blakedown Landscapes (SE)


Overview The new Crossrail station at North Dock, immediately north of Canary Wharf, has been transformed by the new station designed by Foster and Partners. Atop the new station is the roof park/garden constructed by Blakedown covering over 5,300m2 which was designed by Gillespies. The primary function of the roof garden is as a publicly accessible garden space. The innovative space is a unique climate with a partly covered roof the specialist planting plays a key role in the journey across the garden. The successful project has been well received by the client and visitors to the scheme with a public opening planned for later in the year. The project also included creating a new flood storage area with a gabion terraced water feature. 

Client Canary Wharf Contractors

Designer Blakedown Landscapes (SE)

Architect Gillespies
Suppliers Robin Tacchi Plants, Deepdale, Burlington Stone, Kelways

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