Atrium 2 - Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital, London, SE1

Gavin Jones Ltd


Overview The atria in the interior light-well courtyards have been redesigned as catering and seating areas for staff and visitors to the hospital. A number of large pre-existing brick built planters were planted using a range of tropical plants tolerant of relatively low light conditions and able to thrive in a busy semi-public area. Planting consisted of 18 2m Ficus nitida and Philodendron scandens, which both add height and structure. Approximately 21,600 litres of compost had to be moved by hand some in three stages. The installation took place over three consecutive nights to minimise disruption to hospital users during the day. 

Client Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust

Designer Gavin Jones
Maintenance contractor Gavin Jones

Suppliers Koberg, Petersfield Growing Mediums


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