20 Fenchurch Street and Associated Sky Garden, London, EC3M

Willerby Landscapes


Overview The Sky Garden is a striking enclosure on the 37th floor that offers a variety of perspectives on the City of London. The scale of the enclosed space alone is impressive, particularly in the densely populated City of London where ground- level open spaces of this scale between buildings are rare. The planted gardens in the Sky Garden provide intimate contact with unusual and exotic plants. Plants were chosen that would be appropriate for the particular microclimate of the space and that would look interesting all year.

Judges’ comments The health and safety and logistical challenges presented by this project were mind-boggling. The living wall on the annex service building, at over 700m2, is currently the largest in the UK. It has been expertly installed and the planting is healthy and thriving. The planting on the ground floor of the main building is faultless with some very nice detailing. The Sky Garden, on the building’s 35-37 floors, is, not least, an incredible feat of logistics. The shape of the building demanded that all materials – including growing media, stone and trees – be craned in through openings in the glass roof using a crane erected within a service shaft of the building itself. The contractor’s achievements are quite remarkable and are testament to both the importance they place on highly detailed project management and their extensive horticultural expertise. 

Client: Land Securities & Canary Wharf Group

Designer Rafael Vinoly

Architect Gillespies

Maintenance contractor Willerby Landscapes

Suppliers Kelways Plants, Deepdale Trees, Biotecture, Waterscapes, Bourne Amenity

Willerby Landscapes

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