Categories & Criteria

Please note: For all schemes the total costs of construction values include VAT

Categories Applicable to Full Contractor / Group Members of BALI

Domestic Garden Construction - a scheme commissioned for a domestic residence which may include all aspects of landscaping i.e. hard and soft etc., with a total cost to fit within the following:

1.A. - Construction cost under £30K
1.B. - Construction cost between £30K – £60K
1.C. - Construction cost between £60K – £100K
1.D. - Construction cost between £100K – £250K
1.E. - Construction cost over £250K

Soft Landscaping Construction - a scheme which involves landscape construction for non-domestic clients. Schemes may include paved areas but will be predominantly soft landscaping including planted areas with a total cost to fit within the following:

1.F. - Construction cost under £300K
1.G. - Construction cost between £300K – £1.5 million
1.H. - Construction cost over £1.5 million

Hard Landscaping Construction - a scheme which is overwhelmingly hard landscape construction e.g. paved surfaces, in both cost and extent but may include small planted elements with a total cost to fit within the following:

1.J. - Construction cost under £300K
1.K. - Construction cost between £300K – £1.5 million
1.L. - Construction cost over £1.5 million

Community and Schools Development - a scheme provided within a school or community area with elements of hard and/or soft landscape.  Over many years such schemes have been awarded ‘Special Awards’ as they often demand a high degree of flexibility and innovation involving BALI contractors in consultations with stakeholders and often implemented within tight budgets.

1.M. - Community and Schools Development

Restoration and Regeneration Scheme - a scheme which transforms derelict or neglected land into a valuable landscape, including a neglected historic, designed or natural site. This includes historic park restoration and land rehabilitation for nature conservation. Pre-scheme photographs and description should be included in entry material.

1.N. - Restoration and Regeneration Scheme

Grounds Maintenance Domestic or Commercial - for the high quality maintenance of domestic or commercial grounds.

1.P. - Total annual contract under £500K - NEW
1.Q. - Total annual contract over £500K - NEW

Interior Landscape – Installation Only - this will be awarded to a contractor who shows innovation and clever use of planting within an interior environment.

1.R. - Interior Landscape – installation only

Interior Landscape – Maintenance Only - only regular contracts of interior areas – large or small.

1.S. - Interior Landscape – maintenance only

Best Innovation / Technology used in a Landscape Scheme - this award recognises the advancement in the use of technical solutions in landscape schemes and the ability of BALI contractors to meet the demands of installing complex features and innovative design elements. E.g. lighting, drainage, irrigation, water features, natural swimming pools, green walls, etc.

1.T. - Best Innovation / Technology used in a Landscape Scheme

Intensive and Extensive Green Roof Installations - this award recognises this relatively new and specialist niche market which is building popularity within the landscape industry.

1.U. - Green Roof Installations and Roof Gardens

Sports Ground Installation - this new award has been created to cater for this relatively new and specialist niche market which is building popularity within the landscape industry.

1.X. - Sports Ground Installation - NEW

Categories Applicable to Overseas Full Contractor Members of BALI

International Award - for a contract undertaken outside the UK. The International Award can be either a domestic or commercial contract, interior or exterior. The only stipulation is that the contract is undertaken outside mainland UK.

1.Y. - International Award

Categories Applicable to Registered Designer Members of BALI

Design Excellence Awards - To recognise the talent of the designer who satisfies the design brief of the client. The total cost should identify the correct category.

2.A. - Overall scheme under £50K
2.B. - Overall scheme over £50K

Categories Applicable to Affiliate Members of BALI

Affiliate Exceptional Service - This award recognises exceptional service demonstrated by a BALI Affiliate member in terms of; technical support, exceeding customer expectation, proactive involvement in BALI regional and national events, customer support and guidance, efficiency of service, product range and development, good complaint resolution procedures, flexibility in supporting budget constraints, flexibility with delivery issues.

3.A. - Affiliate Exceptional Service

Categories Applicable to all Full Members of BALI

Employer of the Year - this award is to recognise the contribution being made to the landscape industry by BALI members that achieve excellence through staff development and exemplary business practices.

4.A. - Employer of the Year

Special Awards

With the exception of the WorldSkills UK Landscape Gardening Competition which is open to students only, Special Awards are discretionary and are selected by the adjudication panel from amongst the category Award Winners. These Awards are Design and Build and Best Newcomer to BALI.